Publications Router

    Welcome to Jisc Publications Router

    The Jisc Publications Router service automates the delivery of research publications from multiple data suppliers (such as publishers and subject repositories) to multiple repositories (such as institutional repositories).

    The Router parses the metadata of an article to determine the appropriate target repositories and transfers the publication to the registered repositories. It is intended to minimise efforts on behalf of potential depositors, and thereby maximise distribution and exposure of research outputs

    Registering to Receive Data

    Setting up a connection to receive information from the Router is straightforward, and you can receive either notifications or have articles transferred directly into your repository.

    • Notifications are referred to as the Postcards system, and details about this service are available on-line
    • For transfers directly into a repository, see the Repository Engagement information.


    Check what content the Router holds for the repositories of your choice using the "Browse by identified target repositories" link. This is an alphabetical list of repository names for which the Router has received articles. The current number of publications for a given repository is indicated next to its name and updated as data is received from suppliers, e.g.:

    Imperial Eprints (103)

    Further information on the list of citations and individual article can be accessed by following the links provided.


    The router maintains an OAI-PMH endpoint, from which one may harvest Open Access records.

    The OAI-PMH endpoint has three main ListSets :

    • Target Repository
    • Identified Organisation
    • Author
    • Funder

    The Router can provide records over OAI-PMH in a number of formats, including:

    • oai_dc (classic OAI Dublin Core);
    • rdf (the OpenArchives RDF/XML format);
    • rjb_epdcx (which is the Metadata for the record, in the Eprints Application Profile format);
    • rjb_mets (which is the rjb_epdcx metadata wrapped in METS.)

    Full details for the last two formats are available at epdcx and METS

    The Router supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of

    Further information in interacting with the Router is available under the About menu, with details on how the Router works, information for Suppliers and Recipients to engage with the service, and a technical description of the Interchange Format used by the Router when transferring data downstream.